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little blackbird, MRI, and split pea soup  
05:05pm 12/04/2008

OK my week has been whacko if you start weeks on Saturday.  First off Saturday a little bird came to my house and decided to hang out on my finger and let me pet it.  Yes it was a wild bird in fact it was a Brewers blackbird which does not belong in Vermont its native to the South. Anways it finally flew away and took off never to be seen again.

Than i had this horrible migraine so I laid down for a while reached my tongue back in my mouth to where my wisdom teeth are rotting away. I have needed them to come out for a while but getting dental help on my insurance is a joke.  So I noticed it seem loose so I stuck my finger back ther and tugged.  LO and Behold I pulled my tooth out!  After this I felt extremely whoozy and out of sorts so I called Lydia and said I cannot go to Goth night which she in turn said that was fine cause she had a lot of school work to do.

Sunday I was very out there and not quite with it but I muddled through the day and survived.

Monday I spoke with Donnalee who was the one who put the Goth night together and she said it was really fun and they will be doing it the first Saturday of every month so I can come to the next one. :) 

Today was Bianca’s MRI at the hospital and Bianca was a perfect Angel til we were on the way home than she turned into devil child and completely mortified me and acted like a maniac. She is now being punished in her room it really ticked me off because I spent the little amount of spending money I had left buying her stuff in the gift shop and getting her pizza after the MRI because I felt bad she had to go through it. So in return I get a child screaming in the car saying she hates me and i hate her. The joys of children.

Tonight is split pea soup I made in the crock pot all day and than I am watching my American Idol and some other junk TV before venturing off to bed.   My headache is back and my sinuses are stuffed up!

Goodnight all!

 PS-  i also forgot to telll about the weird crap my phone is doing it sounds like someone is scratching on the inside of it trying to get out and than itcuts off my phone calls.

mood: confusedconfused
music: Angel Theme song darling violetta
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What SuperHero are you  
08:26pm 01/11/2004
mood: indescribableindescribable
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(no subject)  
08:47pm 30/10/2004

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Name Acronym Generator  
08:37pm 30/10/2004

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Name Acronym Generator  
08:29pm 30/10/2004

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
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mood: hornyhorny
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(no subject)  
04:42pm 26/09/2004

You Are A Changeling
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mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: Far Behind by Candlebox
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Soon to be offline for a few weeks  
04:21pm 26/09/2004
Well I am gonna be offline for 1 or 2 weeks maybe less. Depends on how quickly I can get them to put in my DSL. Eric has moved out and so i am gonna have to get new stuff.

So I will not be updating my website this week either.

Ken and I had a great weekend I think. The sex was fantastic! the last day was a little weird it seemed like we drifted from each other a little bit. Never known any Gemini guys before so not sure what I should be looking for or expecting. Well we are friends just having a little fun anyways.

Mike came by and picked up his amp and we talked about PPD looks like we are both gonna be involved this year.
Which is cool he is gonna come over for dinner next week YAY!
He brought me some dishwasher detergent since I was outta the stuff. THank the Goddess cause i will have no cash til Friday

Brandon seems happy Eric is gone which is kewl. Maybe things will change but I doubt it.

Bianca is doing well in school, and I am still looking for a job but I noticed that the mall was filled with places looking.
mood: mellowmellow
music: Broken Home by Papa Roach
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11:29am 22/09/2004
Want to find out what pizza you and I can share? Put your name in the box next to mine and click the button to find out!
mood: distresseddistressed
music: Figured You Out by Nickelback
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Happy Mabon  
08:19am 22/09/2004
I hope everyone has a Happy Mabon! Stacy and I did a ritual last night, and it was well needed.

Eric freaked out again, and I had a little breakdown. He needs to leave. He says he is getting out on the first. I just pray to the Goddess I can make it until than.

This morning of course he tells me how miserable he will be living alone etc....

Well he is making me miserable by staying here, and for me and my daughter i need him out.

I am sorry he is depressed but it is not my fault, and he needs to get a Dr. not depend on me to make his life better.

Ok I ranted.
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Dragontales TV show
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(no subject)  
02:33pm 21/09/2004
OK well I have a job interview Friday! Wish me luck!!

Ken is gonna be here thursday night!

Stacy is leaving tomorrow. Whaaaaaaaaa!

Brandon was really happy Eric is moving out, but than tells me he had a date for lunch. :(

I wish Eric had moved out last fall than I would probably have the man I really wanted to be with.

Stacy is coming back and moving in with me on the first YAY!
mood: nostalgicnostalgic
music: Would by Alice in Chains
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